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in Education, Research, Data Science, and Leadership

B.Sc B.Sc(Hons) M.Sc PGCE CSML

If you're looking for well-rounded services provision in the secondary school market, higher education, and research, then kindly contact me.

My name is Nathaniel (William Wilson). I'm from Cape Town, South Africa, but have been living abroad since 2008, establishing myself as an international science teacher and educational professional, on the back of a career in biomedical science and research regarding medical education. In 2024, I'm currently developing high-level skills in data science and machine learning.

Educational Background & Certifications

Natural Sciences, Stellenbosch University (ZA)

B.Sc (1998-2000)
B.Sc (Hons) in Biochemistry (2001)
M.Sc in Biochemistry (2005)
Master's Degree through Research and Thesis

Education and Leadership (Abroad)

IBDP Chemistry & Biology CAT 1 (2018)

AP Physics C (2018)
AP China

IBDP Physics CAT 2 (2020)

PGCE (2020)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education,
University of Nottingham (UK)

CSML (2021)
Certificate in School Management and Leadership,
Harvard University (USA)

Pastoral Care Coordinator
I take care of my students. As House Leader, I interact very closely and help students define the not-so-well-defined aspects of themselves, for better immersion in the educational spaces. The mission is for each student to find a confident voice by which to express themselves in a fast-changing world. As Pastoral Care Coordinator, I help the school develop strategies and mechanisms by which students can feel well catered for - emotionally, academically, and socially.
Boarding Housemaster
Students at boarding schools have contact with teachers and leaders in after-hours slots, requiring empathy, strong leadership, and social support that are not necessarily on offer during regular day school. As Boarding Housemaster, my focus is deeply holistic, allowing students to surpass expectations in all-round performances, based on the added levels of care they receive when not in the classroom.
Head of Department (Science)
An understanding of science and technology is integral to success in the modern world; my happiness as a teacher is deeply connected to seeing how an improved understanding of science lead to better career choices and personal growth among my students. As Head of Department, I strive to align efforts of teachers with learning needs of students, focusing on reaching stated objectives while not forgetting that each contributor has a personal story that is never to be taken for granted. We work towards an interdisciplinary understanding of concepts, which remains an important focal point when engaging in efforts to improve how curricula are interpreted and delivered. And best yet, I have fun when students enjoy the discovery of the power of modern science in everyday life.

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