Skills / Offerings / Services

  • independent research, from beginning to end, based on the common scientific method
    (research conceptualisation, design, implementation, hiring/training of staff, ethics, funding, data sampling, analyses, dissemination, publications, repeat, etc.)
  • data science
  • administrative task execution, e.g. HR, hiring, firing, contracts, documentation, reports, etc.
  • identification and implementation of positive teamwork & collaboration approaches
  • full-scale technological integration into the workplace as approved by chain of command and desired by team members
  • academic instruction in terms of courses, curricular content, delivery, assessment, talent development, etc.
  • classroom manager
  • general office management and liaison with community stakeholders
  • manuscript editing and preparation for final publications
  • duty supervision and negotiation (in case of disputes)
  • teacher training
  • event planner (conferences, workshops, journal club, etc.)